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Model: EC73MH-MF
Style: Baitcast
Length: 7′-3″
Power: Medium Heavy
Action: Moderate Fast
Handle: Split Grip
Butt Length: 11.5″
Line Weight: 10 – 20 lb
Lure Weight: 1/4 – 5/8 oz

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The Elliott EC73MH-MF is a tried and true fishing rod length and power combination in the world of bass fishing. However, the Elliott 73MH-MF gets it done like no other. Like all lightweight Elliott rods, it balances perfectly in the hand, creating maximum sensitivity for all-around enhanced performance. Designed for medium dense cover with Texas rigs, chatter baits, lighter jig and craws, topwater and medium billed crankbaits. The moderately/fast action helps keep the hooks from being thrown during frantic headshakes and jumps and reduces hooks being pulled free when using braided lines.

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1 review for EC73MH-MF

  1. Grant Springer

    I own a couple of these and plan to purchase a couple more. HANDS DOWN the BEST all around bait casting rod I have ever used and I have used them all before the dawn of graphite. Spinner baits, buzz baits, chatter baits, jig combos, walking the dog, plastic worms, spoons you name it!
    If I could only own one bait casting rod this would be it. Extremely light and sensitive. I can not describe how light and sensitive Elliott rods in fact are. I am WOWED EVERY TIME I pick one of my ELLIOTS up to make a cast. I just can not recommend enough. You WILL NOT be disappointed. They will put more fish in your boat.👍👍

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