Performance Bass C74MH-MF


Model: Performance Bass EPB-C74MH-MF [glass]
Technique: Crankbaits / Lipless Crankbaits
Style: Casting
Handle: Split Grip
Length: 7′-4″
Power: Medium Heavy
Action: Moderate Fast
Line Wt: 12 – 20 lb
Lure Wt: 1/4 – 3/4 oz

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There can be something magical about a fiberglass baitcasting rod for Crankbaits and Lipless Crankbaits. From smooth and accurate casting, to the long distance “bomb the next county” type cast they excel. Add in the low and slow sweeping hookset which glass crankbaits love and the Performance Bass C74MH-MF bass rod comes through in all regards. From shallow square bill and lipless cracks to 16’ divers it’s a search and destroy rod in every boat it enters.

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