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Genesis Rods

• High Performance
• All Day Comfort
• Super Sensitive

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Ceres Rods

• Balanced Weight
• Ergonomic Handles
• Cost-Effective Choice

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Trolling Rods

• Walleye & Trout
• Performance Grips
• Innovative Features

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Muskie Rods

• Graphite & Glass Options
• Telescoping Handles
• Performance Grips

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Slip Float Rods

• Oversized Guides
• Moderate Actions
• Telescopic Handle

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• Clothing & Hats
• Great Performance
• All Season Options


A Solid Performer.

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Balancing the equation of performance with a reasonable price.

Ceres takes the lead with a visibly sleek, ergonomic handle design and is rounded out with thoughtful balance and sensitivity any angler would appreciate. With spinning, baitcast and muskie options, Ceres covers it all.

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2B FISHING Genesis Spinning Fishing Rod Handle

Realigned for Midwest Anglers.

The Genesis lineup offers features and actions tailored for your go-to Midwest techniques. With industry knowledge by Paul & Gregg Thorne, Genesis rods are precision engineered to deliver the performance you deserve.

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Slip Float Rods

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Take aim at slip float fishing techniques with the Sharp Shooter and Precision Shooter. These open water rods blend details and innovation so you can place presentations with accuracy.


"Sharp Shooter"

An 8' telescoping bobber rod for throwing slip float setups with ease and accuracy. 

2B FISHING Genesis Precision Shooter Slip Float Spinning Rod

"Precision Shooter"

An 7' 5" bobber rod for throwing slip float setups with ease and accuracy.

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Walleye Trolling Rods

2B FISHING genesis walleye trolling rod handle

Featuring four finely-tuned rods for the trolling anglers toolbox, 2B Genesis helps you lay out the perfect summertime trolling spread. Learn more about each model by clicking the links below.

2B Fishing is Raising The Bar On Open Water Rods.

No matter who you are or what you fish for, 2B FISHING delivers precision engineered performance you will clearly see and feel.

Our Strategy is Simple.
Design fishing rods for outstanding value and performance.

Precision Engineered Performance.

Two Brothers Innovations, founded by longtime fishing industry innovators Paul and Gregg Thorne, have developed the new and exciting open water 2B FISHING and hardwater 2B ICE brands.

2B products harness over 40 years of fishing knowledge, presenting today’s trend-setting designs at competitive prices for anglers targeting any species.