The Story of Two Brothers Innovations

While much has changed in the past 40 years of designing fishing tools and equipment, the one thing that has stayed consistent is Paul and Gregg Thorne's passion for discovering new ways of building products that deliver a better experience.

Throughout our Elliott Rods and 2B FISHING lines, all choices from design to material have been painstakingly made in order to provide anglers rods and gear that embody excellence, because we get it - fishing is so much more than just catching - it soothes the soul and reenergizes our core and a well-made fishing rod makes the mission so much more enjoyable.


Bringing Innovation to Life.

Never Following, Always Leading. Our Cornerstone.

We're two Minnesota brothers, who grew up with a never-ending passion for fishing, spending years on the water. That passion fueled a successful journey into designing custom fishing rods like none other. What started in the garages and basements of our homes we took one step further, establishing the original Thorne Bros. Custom Rod &Tackle, and then beyond that to other outdoor sporting goods industries and revolutionary products.

Nearly 40 years later, the thrill of pioneering advancements in the fishing rod industry beckoned and we returned to our roots, establishing Two Brothers Innovations, and growing with it a team of innovative anglers who are just as passionate about fishing as we are. Together we're launching the finest high-performance fishing rods in today's market under the brands Elliott Rods and 2B FISHING

Researched and field tested by our brand ambassadors & prostaff.

Innovation does not happen without trial and error or on its own - it takes a team. The Two Brothers Innovations family is made up of some of the brightest and most accomplished anglers in the industry who are continually testing, researching and reporting on what anglers need for today’s leading fishing tactics.

News & Happenings

Co-Founder of Two Brothers Innovations Paul Thorne, Inducted Into MN Fishing Hall of Fame

June 18, 2021

Co-Founder of Two Brothers Innovations Paul Thorne, Inducted Into Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame BEMIDJI, MN – Paul Thorne, local entrepreneur and Bemidji area resident, has been inducted into the 2021 Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame.   Paul, an avid angler since childhood, spent many summers fishing Cass Lake with his brother Gregg while staying…