Manufacturer Defect Claim

Please submit the form below to begin your warranty claim process. After reviewing, a customer service representative will email the evaluation results and notify you whether a fee is to be applied. A shipping & handling charge will be applied to returning items and can vary depending on your location, but a standard cost is $15.00 for an open water rod and $9.00 for an ice rod. Sales tax for Minnesota residents will apply.


If your rod is out of warranty or was a result of accidental breakage, you do not have to return the entire rod.

Follow the steps below to get your rod promptly replaced. 

  1. With a hacksaw, make a cut against the foregrip and again above the upper trim wrap (the area shown in image below).
  2. Place that portion of the blank in a padded envelope and mail to the address below.
    1. Please note that shipments requiring postage to be paid upon delivery to Two Brothers Innovations will be returned to the sender.
  3. If the rod was properly registered, a new rod will be sent once the appropriate replacement fee has been paid.
  4. For your convenience the replacement program fees can be paid online. Review the information table below.
  5. The appropriate shipping & handling will be included and tax is collected for MN residents. Make sure you include your shipping address, phone number and email address.  PO boxes are not acceptable return addresses.

The location below cannot accept walk in traffic, so please be sure that you follow the above instructions carefully. If you have questions please contact our Customer Service team today.

Two Brothers Innovations
2130 Bardwell Dr. NW
Bemidji, MN  56601

two brothers innovations accidental breakage rod replacement warranty

Warranty Claim

ex: Elliott ESP73ML-F or 2B ICE Klondike