Genesis 2B-S70L-F


Model: 2B-S70L-F
Style: Spinning
Handle: Split-Grip
Length: 7′-0″
Power: Lite
Action: Fast
Line Weight: 4 – 8 lb
Lure Weight: 1/16 – 1/4 oz
Construction: 1 Piece

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When finesse presentations require presenting lighter jigs, plastics or live bait, the 2B-S70L-F is in its perfect world. The telegraphing feel detects every tick and tap from the most weary and pressured fish. The upper 2/3rds of the rod puts more fun into your average 13” to 17” walleyes while the stiffer butt section doesn’t back down from a 30 incher either. From average to trophy walleyes, the 70L is a fun rod to fish. When more power is needed for wrestling slab crappies and bull-nose gills out of their weedy sanctuaries or battling stream trout with inline spinners or smallmouth on smaller top waters, the 70L gets it all done…with fun.

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