Ceres 2B-CC70M-F


Model: 2B-CC70M-F
Style: Baitcast
Length: 7′-0″
Power: Medium
Action: Fast
Butt Length: 10.5″
Line Weight: 8 – 14 lb
Lure Weight: 1/4 – 5/8 oz
Construction: 1 Piece

In stock


Weed line fishing with jig worms, spinner baits, shallow to medium diving crankbaits, slash baits, chatter baits, top water popping lures and buzz baits makes the 2B-CC70M-F one of the most versatile and quality baitcasting rod an angler can own.  Designed to be perfectly balanced in the hand, it provides silky smooth casts with plenty of power on hook sets with authority to handle any open water midwest trophy. Such a comfortable and efficient rod to fish with you hate to put it down.

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