Warranty Information

Congratulations and thank you for the purchase of your new fishing rod from Two Brothers Innovations.

  • Elliott Rods and 2B Fishing Rods are covered by a one-year factory warranty against manufacturers defect.
  • All rods are thoroughly tested before they leave our warehouse and must be registered through our warranty registration within 30 days of purchase.
  • A photo of your dated sales receipt must be uploaded with the warranty registration submission to activate your warranty.
  • Purchasers must make all warranty claims directly to Two Brothers Innovations.
  • Dealers are not allowed to perform warranty service for Two Brothers Innovations.
  • Without registered verification of the purchase date, the rod warranty is not valid.

How Fishing Rods Break

Most fishing rods are broken from abuse or accidental misuse.  Often unseen damage goes undetected until breakage occurs.  It is not uncommon for the consumer to believe that it was from a manufactures defect. If the rod breaks from a manufactures defect, 98% of the time it occurs under factory testing or the first time out on the water. Not after hours, months or years of use.

  1. J-Hooking. Placing your hook in the hook keeper while not loosening the drag or allowing the proper amount of slack in the line.  This can pull the rod tip into a very tight compact downward bend straight towards the handle. This is called a “J-Hook Bend”.  A “J-Hook Bend” does not occur while fighting a fish.  If a fish is hoisted out of the water with the rod shaft pointed straight up and the fish hanging straight down, this can also result in a “J-Hook Bend”.
  2. High sticking.  Setting the hook with the rod pointing backward over the shoulder will result in a severe J-Hook Bend in the upper third of the rod.
  3. Over loading the rod.  Creating undue stress on the rod when snagged to a log, rock or weeds and trying to pull the lure or bait free. This can result in unseen stress fractures that may result in the rod breaking later while under load.
  4. Stepping on the rod. This can result in unseen stress fractures in the graphite materials that will result in the rod structurally failing under pressures, even though it has withstood that pressure many times before. This often causes the angler to believe that it broke from a manufactures defect.
  5. Accidentally hitting the rod on the gunnel of the boat or other solid object. This can bruise the rod blank wall and cause stress fractures resulting in breakage when under a load.
  6. Placing a rod in a rod sleeve or rod tube not realizing that the tip is caught or stuck and is being jammed forward under pressure.  This can result in tip breakage. Rod tips are not designed to be jammed.
  7. Breakage that occurs during whip casting a lure heavier than what the rod is rated for and / or stressing the rod with higher pound test line that exceeds the line rating.  Rods are designed to handle maximum lure and line ratings.  If it doesn’t happen right away, it doesn’t mean that it won’t. Exceeding lure and line ratings will cause rod material stresses that can result in rod failure.

Two Brothers Innovations reserves the right to examine and inspect a rod while under warranty to determine the cause of failure.

Rod Warranty Registration

This must be completed within 30 days of purchase for your rod warranty to be valid. 

Rod Replacement Process

Please submit the form below to begin your warranty claim. After reviewing, a Two Brothers Innovations customer service representative will email the evaluation results and notify you whether a fee is to be applied. A shipping & handling charge will be applied to returning items, it can vary depending on your location, but a standard cost is $15.00 for an open water rod and $9.00 for an ice rod.


If your rod is out of warranty or was a result of accidental breakage, you do not have to return the entire rod.

  1. With a hacksaw, make a cut against the foregrip and again above the upper trim wrap (this is the area where the factory decal is located).
  2. Place that portion of the blank in a padded envelope and mail to the address below.
  3. If the rod was properly registered, a new rod will be sent once the appropriate replacement fee has been collected.
  4. For your convenience the replacement program fees can be paid online. You may also include payment when returning the decal portion of the rod blank.
  5. Add the appropriate shipping & handling amount to the replacement fee. Make sure you include your shipping address, phone number and email address.  PO boxes are not acceptable return addresses.

The location below cannot accept walk in traffic, so please be sure that you follow the above instructions carefully. If you have questions please contact our Customer Service team today.

Two Brothers Innovations
2130 Bardwell Dr. NW
Bemidji, MN  56601

Elliott Rods - Accidental Breakage Fees

Open Water Rods
  • $90 - rods within 1st year of purchase
  • $120 - rods within 2nd year of purchase
  • $150 - rods within 3rd year of purchase

Muskie Rods
  • $125 - rods within 1st year of purchase
  • $155 - rods within 2nd year of purchase
  • $185 - rods within 3rd year of purchase

Ice Rods
  • $50 - rods within 1st year of purchase
  • $75 - rods within 2nd year of purchase

2B FISHING Rods - Accidental Breakage Fees

Ice Rods
  • $50 - rods within 1st year of purchase
  • $75 - rods within 2nd year of purchase