IDENTITY ‘Ned/Jigworm’


Model: IDB-S72M-F
Technique: Ned/Jigworm
Style: Bass Spinning
Handle: Split Grip
Length: 7′-2″
Power: Medium
Action: Fast
Line Wt: 6 – 12 lb
Lure Wt: 1/8 – 1/2 oz

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Elliott Fishing proudly presents the Technique Specific Series IDB-S72M-F IDENTITY Ned/Jigworm rod.

Designed to master the perfection of Jigworm, Shakey Head, and Ned Rig style presentations. Its medium power and fast action combination is lethal for targeting bass around grassy areas and sand/rock transitions. This rod is your key to unlocking your true fishing identity and achieving unparalleled success on the water.

Embrace the power of precision and elevate your fishing game with the Identity Technique Specific Series IDB-S72M-F.

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