IDENTITY ‘Jigs/Plastics’


Model: IDW-S610ML-XF
Technique: Jigs/Plastics
Style: Walleye Spinning
Handle: Split Grip
Length: 6′-10″
Power: Medium Lite
Action: Extra Fast
Line Wt: 6 – 10 lb
Lure Wt: 1/8 – 3/8 oz

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Unlock the true potential of your jig and plastic fishing techniques with the IDENTITY IDW-S610ML-XF Technique Specific Series Rod.

Meticulously engineered for Midwest walleye anglers, this 6 feet 10 inch perfectly balanced rod is the epitome of finesse and precision. The medium light power ensures you can detect even the slightest bites, while the extra fast action allows for lightning-quick, accurate hooksets.

Elevate your angling skills and dominate the walleye waters with the IDW-S610ML-XF Jigs/Plastics Identity Technique Specific Series Rod.

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