IDENTITY ‘Jig/Texas Rig’


Model: IDB-C75MH-F
Technique: Jig/Texas Rig
Style: Bass Baitcast
Handle: Split Grip
Length: 7′-5″
Power: Medium Heavy
Action: Fast
Line Wt: 12 – 20 lb
Lure Wt: 1/4 – 1 oz

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The IDENTITY IDB-C75MH-F Jig & Texas Rig Rod, is an essential tool for bass anglers who are serious about their Jig and Texas Rig game.

It’s designed to deliver exceptional performance and versatility. With its 7’5″ length, heavy power, and fast action, it offers the ideal combination of strength and responsiveness. From flipping a jig to pitching a Texas Rig or working a Roller Jig, it handles it all with ease. Whether you’re targeting milfoil pockets, pencil reeds, or isolated rock humps, the IDENTITY Jig / Texas Rig Rod ensures you have the power and control to land any trophy-sized largemouth or smallmouth.

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