Performance Handle ESP79L-F


Model: ESP79L-F
Style: Spinning
Handle: Performance Handle / Split Grip
Length: 7′-9″
Power: Lite
Action: Fast
Line Wt: 4 – 8 lb
Lure Wt: 1/16 – 1/4 oz

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The Elliott ESP79L-F is perfect for casting lighter finesse jigs with 4lb test line far enough to get outside the ‘spook zone’ on pressured waters. Its not the only positive factor in the equation for this rod. The tip is soft enough to load under the weight of a finesse jig, but not so mushy that it has no push or recovery speed on the forward casting stroke. The midsection has enough forgiveness to team up with the 4lb test line while the butt section has the power to steer and handle big smallmouth and walleyes next to the boat. When it all comes together, the size of fish that can be handled with 4lb test is astounding. A true finesse rod for heavily pressured bass and walleyes.

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