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Model: 2B-MUTH86H-F
Style: Muskie
Length: 8′-6″ to 9′-4″
Power: Heavy
Action: Fast
Handle: Telescoping, twist/lock
Butt Length: 14″ – 20″
Line Weight: 50 – 80 lb
Lure Weight: 2 – 6 oz
Construction: 1 Piece

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The 2B-MUTH86H-F muskie rod features a unique telescopic handle to adjust rear handle length.  Overall rod length varies from 8’6” to 9’5” depending on how far the handle is extended.  A simple ½ twist to unlock, pull to the chosen length and twist ½ turn in the opposite direction to lock chosen length.  Telescopic handle allows for easy storage.  Rod is perfect for bucktails, topwater and twitching minnow baits.

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Muskie rods 8′ and longer can only be shipped to Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Please contact Customer Service and receive an accurate shipping cost before ordering.

1 review for 2B-MUTH86H-F

  1. Isaac

    Just wanted to say that this rod is awesome. Caught my first musky a few days ago. Honest to god caught a 47” musky and it was awesome. The telescopic handle is a godsend. I was able to shorten it so it doesn’t hit the backrest of my wheelchair which makes it easy to use pause and pull baits and im able to do figure 8’s super easily. Best rod I’ve found for musky fishing.

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