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Model: 2B-MU96XXH-F
Style: Muskie
Length: 9′-6″
Power: Extra-Extra Heavy
Action: Fast
Handle: Performance Grip
Butt Length: 14″
Line Weight: 50 – 100 lb
Lure Weight: 8 – 16 oz
Construction: 1 Piece

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The 2B-MU96XXH-F is our 9’6” fast action, extra extra heavy power muskie rod designed for throwing big plastics.  This rod incorporates our X wrap performance grip for a sure grip surface when casting those heavy rubber baits.

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Muskie rods 8′ and longer can only be shipped to Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Please contact Customer Service and receive an accurate shipping cost before ordering.

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1 review for 2B-MU96XXH-F

  1. Jesse Henning

    Absolutely excellent rods for throwing those big musky baits! Great back bone and feel, it will keep you casting all day. Your shoulders and back will thank you at the end of the day. Thanks 2B!

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