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Model: 2B-C79H-M
Style: Baitcast
Length: 7′-9″
Power: Heavy
Action: Moderate
Butt Length: 10.5″
Line Weight: 14 – 25 lb
Lure Weight: 3/8 – 1 1/2 oz
Construction: 1 Piece

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Length, leverage, and power is what is required to turn heads and extract big fish from their natural fortresses of dense vegetation, entangled submerged tree roots, flooded timber, or manmade docks. Rods with these attributes are often “brutes” themselves and lack any sense of balance, finesse, and sensitivity however, with the 2B-C79H-M you have the best of both worlds. If you’re hunting big fish in heavy terrain you need every advantage you can get to maximize every strike for the potential trophy of your life. The 2B-C79H-M’s moderate action dialed into its heavy power, balance power and feel is a one-of-a-kind performer when you need an all power rod to give.

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1 review for 2B-C79H-M

  1. Grant Springer

    Absolutely love this rod! So well balanced and powerful yet extremely lite and easy to cast. GREAT rod for froggin’, flippin’ or punching through heavy cover. This is by far the lightest most comfortable, sensitive heavy bass stick I have ever used! You really gotta put one in your hands to feel the difference. I could also see using this for LARGE swim baits, extra deep diving crank baits, large spinner baits or smaller musky candy as well. I am really very pleased with this rod and I highly recommend it.👍👍

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