Syncork® is a Two Brothers Innovations product developed in 2005 by Gregg Thorne.

Lighter Than Organic Cork


Denser Than Organic Cork


Syncork® is a man-made material made in the USA. It is 30% lighter and 40% denser than organic cork.

Syncork® also provides the ability to create different surface textures, from silky smooth to different degrees of nap surface for a more comfortable and secure grip. Wet hands from rain, sweat or fish slime, Syncork® provides a range of surface options that cannot be accomplished with organic cork. It cannot absorb water, dry out or rot, making long-lasting durable grips that will look like the day it was shaped even after 10 + years of heavy use.

Syncork® is also resistant to insect repellents, UV rays, accelerated weather conditions, sunscreen, many petroleum products, alkaline, and many other chemicals found in practical fishing situations.

Once you fish with a Syncork® handle... nothing else will do.

Syncork® handle components are now available to rod builders.