The Elliott Edge

A High-Performance Rod Series. You'll Feel The Difference.

Elliott Rods outperform others in technique and style due to our renowned ability to perfect the delicate balance of art, fun and science in rod building. It’s an unmatched level of quality that you’ll feel the moment an Elliott rod hits your hand and will be proven time and again on the water.

Superior in style, handling and longevity, meet Syncork®.

Developed in 2005 by Gregg Thorne, Syncork® (made in the USA) is a synthetic-based duplication of natural cork. It’s lighter in physical weight, extremely sensitive and durable enough to last many lifetimes.

Syncork cannot absorb water, dry out or rot, and is resistant to UV rays and other chemicals and products commonly used in fishing situations. It also provides a far superior grip – especially when your hands are wet from rain, cold from frigid temps or slick with fish slime, you’ll immediately feel the difference. Once you fish an Elliott Rod featuring a Syncork handle, nothing else will do!

syncork fishing rod handle
Elliott Rods Foundation - Sensitive


Feel more...catch more. If your rod doesn’t express its feelings & talk to you, it's time for a new fishing partner. Sensitivity is the make-or-break factor of a high-performance fishing rod.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Lightweight


By using our proprietary Syncork® handles paired with Elliott Graphite blanks, we achieve the lightest possible physical weight.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Scientific


Masterfully built on scientific principles to give anglers optimum balance, sensitivity and performance, time and again.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Balanced


The pinnacle point in the art of rod design that enhances all the positive factors while eliminating the negatives, creating perfect balance.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Strong


Syncork® offers a distinct advantage in durability and endurance over other handle materials in all conditions. Elliott Rods are built with high-performance Graphite blanks.