At Elliott Rods We're All In On Ice Season.

These aren't your grandpas sticks. We take ice rod design and development to a whole new level - studying emerging technologies, lures and techniques and developing rods that are a perfect fit. We're unmatched because of features like our premium Syncork® handles that lend ultimate balance, lightness and comfort.

You'll Feel The Difference.

New Ice Rods For 2023-24.

You asked, we delivered. An ever-popular option for Midwest Walleye anglers the Dead Stik, plus two fan favorites the Paragon and Wally Perca, stretched out into XL lengths.


Dead Stik

Oversized guides and an ultra sensitive neon tip make this a perfect set line rod.


Paragon XL

 A 36" solid carbon hole hopping pan-fisherman’s dream rod. 


Wally Perca XL

Put fun into fighting walleyes and jumbo perch with this 36" solid graphite rod.

NEW Gear!! The Elliott XL Rod & Gear Case

Our premium rod & gear case now in the popular Elliott style. This case is built to hold 4 ice rod & reel combos up to 48 inches in length.

Perfect for your Odyssey or Evolution ice rod collection.

Special Edition Product Alert: Quantities are limited & only available online.

the odyssey logo

Explore More with The Odyssey Series.

Finely tuned glass rods with Syncork® handles to detect the lightest of bites while offering forgiveness where it’s needed to fight the wildest panfish.


Go Further With Odyssey Ice Rods. Long Rods For Trophy Panfish.

elliott rods the odyssey super noodle ice fishing rod


32" noodle featuring an exquisitely designed soft and extra fast tip that enhances bite detection.

elliott rods the odyssey 36 ice fishing rod


36” noodle rod boasts a highly tuned fast action that is perfect for fighting giant bull gills and crappies.

elliott rods the odyssey 40 ice fishing rod


40” with a fast action that enhances today’s hole hopping experience.

Not Sure Which Elliott Rod is Right for YOu?

Reference the Ice Rod Selector chart to find out what rod is recommended for your species and techniques.


Highly sensitive, extremely lightweight, perfectly balanced & durable Syncork® handles are superior over old school cork. Lighter. Durable. Awesomeness.


You want a fishing rod that you have confidence in. Your trusted go-to, the one you don’t borrow to friends. Congrats, you’ve found it right here.


We've perfected the delicate balance of art, fun and science in rod building, bringing an unmatched level of quality you’ll feel the moment you pick up an Elliott Rod.


The brand may be new, but the founders aren’t. Gregg and Paul Thorne have been in the fishing industry since 1981. The two brothers created and marketed the very first graphite ice rods ever sold at retail, establishing what ice fishing has become today.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Sensitive


Feel more...catch more. If your rod doesn’t express its feelings & talk to you, it's time for a new fishing partner. Sensitivity is the make-or-break factor of a high-performance fishing rod.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Lightweight


By using our proprietary Syncork® handles paired with Elliott Graphite blanks, we achieve the lightest possible physical weight.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Scientific


Masterfully built on scientific principles to give anglers optimum balance, sensitivity and performance, time and again.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Balanced


The pinnacle point in the art of rod design that enhances all the positive factors while eliminating the negatives, creating perfect balance.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Strong


Syncork® offers a distinct advantage in durability and endurance over other handle materials in all conditions. Elliott Rods are built with high-performance Graphite blanks.